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Printing & Packaging Mastery


At Medad Printing & Packaging, we’re more than printing and packaging specialists creating beautifully crafted end products. We see ourselves as marketing experts delivering intelligently conceived solutions to create appeal in a crowded marketplace. Blending the art and science of printing with highly innovative thinking, we help clients stand out, build desirable brands and sell more products. We’re committed to constant improvement with a relentless focus on systems and processes


In 2010 we gained ISO 14001 certification for Environmental management. What’s more we continuously try to find high-quality, ethical alternatives, such as vegetable-based inks. We use considerable quantities of paper and cartonboard sourced from recycled waste or an environmentally sustainable and ethical supply. We carefully consider the use of technology to reduce our carbon footprint

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[sws_blockquote align=”right” alignment=”alignrightquote” cite=”” quotestyles=”style02″]The name “Medad” is translated from old Arabic to mean “liquid ink that is safe enough even to eat”. [/sws_blockquote]

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Master Printers




Through our superior skills and expertise, we blend the art and science of printing to craft solutions that enable our clients to stand out and be noticed







Our corporate Mission drives our efforts to have a positive effect on society at large. So reducing our business impact on the environment is especially important to us.The name “Medad” is translated from old Arabic to mean “liquid ink that is safe enough even to eat”.



Business Excellence




We understand that quality for the end customer requires a belief in quality throughout the whole organisation. Across all of the business our employees engage in the pursuit of continuous improvement in all that we do. The “Medad way” encompasses excellence in our printing and storage facilities, a systematic approach to controlling and improving our processes